Our Remote Service for Computer Repair or Maintenance

We can be your organization's help desk or fix the individual's computer. We remote into your computer. We explain what we can do. We explain the fee. You are automatically given the opportunity to rate our service through the BBB review system.


Thank you for the continued success. Our Winchester location has been the place where thousands of new and repeat customers have come to resolve their computer frustrations and make their computer purchases.

Allied Computers, Inc., (ACI), Founded in September of 2003 in Breathitt County, Kentucky was launched with a lofty business plan, focused on customer satisfaction, lots of prayer and hard work. Since then, we have closed the Jackson store to focus on the more centrally located Winchester store.

We have a broad customer base including Federal, State (Kentucky), Lee County Virginia and several other government offices, including law enforcement. We have dozens of business clients and thousands of personal computer owners as satisfied if not happy and pleased customers. As founder of ACI, I strive for excellence in the operation of our business so we can provide consistent excellent customer service. This is what our business is growing on and referrals from satisfied customers is primarily what brings people from all over to ACI.

As a lead auditor and with over 15 years of quality management and ISO implantation experience, ACI is conforming to the ISO9001:2000 system, in the way we document what we do, the means of fostering continuous improvement, the manner in which we select and approve suppliers, and assuring the way we run our business will make and keep our customers pleased with consistent quality product and service. Allied Computers, Inc is one of the highest rated and most rated privately held computer repair companies in the state of Kentucky with over 300 written reviews by customers on third party websites, all but two 5 star (as of 12/10/16). It's not just the computer, it's "You" the customer. We know the computer like it's rarely known and when you come into our life, we strive to know you. We strive to impress with our sincerity, hospitality, knowledge and fair prices. I and our dedicated staff, hold our customer's opinion close to heart.

"We take care of our customers, it's that simple!"

~Paul Johnson

What makes Allied Computers different?

At first I thought it was our goal from conception of the business to find and fix the source of a problem.. and fix it right. That worked out fine and had its place, but I recently discovered that the thing that really makes us different was something that has been happening naturally over the past 8 years. I would have nothing but quality leave my hands, heart and mouth (so help me God) when it came to dealing with and providing service to our customers. That includes providing a "life-line" to you the customer after sales or product service. You will feel comfortable contacting us with your questions about your serviced or purchased product and we will do everything in our power to solve your concern or answer your question accurately. We are there for you!


You don’t have to know much about computers when you use our service. The way we run our business assures our customers will be pleased. From the moment you set your computer on our counter we may be able to start examining it for FREE, we will let you know whether or not your computer is built to perform adequately, meeting suggested hardware recommendations combined with our Tune-up package or Wipe/reload, which includes spending time with you when you pick up your computer, coaching you on maintenance and Internet browsing "do's and don'ts". This is the recipe for a happy customer. Our goal is to assure your computer is going to perform as good as possible.. as long as possible when it leaves our shop and our customer's frustrations are kept to a minimum using the resources we provide. Over *97% of our customers go with our hardware recommendations and...

Over *99% of our customers are satisfied

It's Unbeatable Service!

Internet Safety

ALERT! ALERT! (updated 12/26/17)

When you are browsing and a window pops up indicating that you are infected, don't shut down the computer and call a specific phone number.. DO NOT TOUCH! Do not even click the "close" or "cancel" buttons. When you touch - you infect your computer. Shutting your computer off is the easiest way to not get the infection you are looking at.... Also
You will NEVER get a legitimate call from "Microsoft" or other "Tech Support" companies randomly. When you receive these calls, HANG UP! If you talk to the scammers you make the "Sucker's List" and your information is passed around for scammers to work you over and over and over. If you talked to them, let them into your computer and gave them credit card information, cancel your credit card, ask your bank to reverse the charges and bring your computer in for repair.


The following is a partial list of our business clients. Even though we service many, many more private parties (home computer users) than commercial or business clients it is more feasible to place commercial clients on a list.

Partial List of Business Clients

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    • Ike Tipton
      from Kentucky

    This is a great place for pc repair they got my gaming pc up and running and paul is awesome i learned a lot from him about computers thanks yall 🙂

  • Author image
    • Matthew Howell
      from Kentucky

    Brought my gaming rig down because I couldn't get it to post, and they fixed it nearly immediately. Friendly staff, very helpful. I would recommend Allied Computers to anyone who needs help with their PC.

  • Author image
    • Larry Lyle
      from Kentucky

    fixed my computer better than new we be going back if any problems arise.


Email: 859.745.5775

Phone: 859.745.5775

Address: 580, Bypass Road, Winchester, KY 40391

Directions: We are in the same building as the "Taste of China" restaurant. Just off I-64 behind the "Speedway" service station on the hill.

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