Thank you for the continued success. Our Winchester location has been the place where thousands of new and repeat customers have come to resolve their computer frustrations and make their computer purchases.






Allied Computers, Inc., (ACI), Founded in September of 2003 in Breathitt County, Kentucky was launched with a lofty business plan, focused on customer satisfaction, lots of prayer and hard work. Since then, we have closed the Jackson store to focus on the more centrally located Winchester store located in the same mall as the "Taste of China" resturaunt.

We have a broad customer base including Federal (Social Security Administration in multiple counties), State and several other government offices, including law enforcement and dozens of business clients and many, many personal computer owners.

As founder of ACI, I strive for excellence in serving our customers. That is more than a good idea, it’s what this business is growing on. Referrals from satisfied customers is what brings people from all over this state and surrounding states.

Allied Computers, Inc. is conforming to the Quality Management System ISO9001:2000, in the way we document what we do, the means of fostering continuous improvement, the manner in which we select and approve suppliers, and assuring the way we run our business will make and keep our customers pleased with consistent quality product and service.

Allied Computers, Inc is one of the highest rated and most rated computer repair companies in the state with over 100 written reviews by customers all but one 5 star (as of 2/4/13). It's not just the computer, it's "You" the customer. We know the computer like it's rarely known and when you walk into our life, we strive to know you. We strive to impress with our sincerity, hospitality, knowledge and fair prices. Please take time to read some of the 3rd party reviews found on "Yahoo Local" from the original location and the ones already coming in for our new Winchester store. I and our dedicated staff, hold our customer's opinion close to heart.

"We take care of our customers, it's that simple!" is the bottom line!

~Paul Johnson

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