Safety using your email

Generally, one can look at the body of an email (open the email) safely. You are at risk when clicking on links or attachments within the email. DO NOT click on links or attachments within an email unless you are expecting the content. Again, we often hear a version of.., “Oh, that’s not a problem, I only open emails from those I know”. Well, that is exactly how you get infected. Example: You receive an email from so and so, you know well, so you open it and the email says, “I found a video on the Internet and you are in it! You have to watch it!” Your thinking.. what in the world is in this video? It must be safe because it’s from so and so! You click and it’s over…. now infected and everyone in your address book is getting email from you with malicious content. It is a bad Idea to “forward” cute emails. They generally serve to harvest email addresses usually used for spamming. I don’t even open forwarded emails and advise the same.