Safety when browsing

If you didn’t go looking for it, don’t click it! We often hear a version of.., “Oh, that’s not a problem, I only go to my church website, bank website and check my email. I don’t go anywhere that puts me at risk”. When you are connected to the Internet, you are connected to the “World Wide Web”, the whole web and not just your “safe” sites. That means you are also connected to all the evil out there and it sits just under the “enter key” or just under the “mouse click”. The evil virus writers and money scammers want to get into your computer and to do that, they usually need to convince you to “click”. Please note, I did not write “click install” or “click ok”. That is because they only need you to “click” something or anything or what might appear to be nothing! Example: a window pops up on your screen that says “your computer is infected.. call the phone number listed.. do not close out the window” and sometimes includes a threat of some sort.. like if you close the window your computer will be banned from using the Internet. Usually, there is a button of some sort to close the window and the evil wants you to “click” it because the text on the button can be anything like “CLOSE” but the programming behind the clicking of that button can be … a nasty virus! What you are seeing is only a window on your browser until you click something in that window. The best thing and easiest thing to do is shut your computer off. For those more technical you can close your browser from within “Task Manager”. Be aware that when you re-open your browser, you may get notice “your browsing session closed unexpectedly” and offer you a button to “restore your previous browsing session”. Do not do this as it will bring the bad window back up.